@freemo Nice to meet you! It's interesting that when we finally see someone whose face we didn't know, but whom we've been interacting with, it's always a good surprise! A strange sensation, because we tend to form a certain image, one that I can't even describe because it's absolutely vague, but a good one! It's like when we meet someone with a mask that we didn't know. When the person removes the mask it also feels strange. Well, the point is that it's nice to be able to put a face to your thumbnail. 😁

@joaopinheiro Its nice to "meet" you as well :)

i can relate to that sentiment, I think seeing someones face gives us a certain feeling as to their personality. not always an accurate one mind you, but inaccurate or not it gives the person more dimension and makes them feel more real for sure.

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@freemo That's it. This year I started teaching several new classes; students I hadn't ever met before. And it was very strange, both for me and for them, when we saw each others' faces when we had a sip of water in class!
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