@freemo Bruh. How was SCUBA?

I've had four pneumothoraces back in college. No scuba diving for me. Or sky diving.

@StrikerD That really sucks. The pictures are from a few months back but its amazing on the island!

I'm a full tech, cave, and solo trained diver. So lots of deep ocean stuff.

@freemo Yeah, I gotta catch Planet Earth for that stuff.

Also, thank you for posting something about real life, not meta, internet stuff. So many people on Mastodon only post about Mastodon.

Well, there's also the anime and furries. Still, the list is pretty short.

@StrikerD I have noticed due to our science/research/engineering leaning here (not just tech) we tend to post a lot o the real world sciences. QOTO has quickly become my favorite and only instance.

@freemo Darn it, Freemo, you're not supposed to entice me away from my instance!

@StrikerD Most of our guys are Ph.D. and students in all sorts of sciences like Geology, environmental, Civil engineering, history, tech, pure math. Its really a good crowd if your a science nerd.

@Siedge You'll always be my first, Siedge.

My first instance, anyway... @freemo

@freemo This is me, enjoying what is likely to be one of the last times I can enjoy the pool this season

@freemo Thank you, after a long day in the shop this what I look foreword to. I put the pool up for the kids, but I’ve always loved the water myself.
If I could afford it, I would live near the ocean. I love the open water and the waves

@W201028 Man the water is fucking magickal. Nothing batter than just floating along or going for a swim. I'm one of those crazy people where if you put me in an ocean I immediately swim to the ocean, laugh at how the beach is a dot on the horizon then swim back :)

@freemo I hear you on that brother! If I’m at a public beach with life guards, I’m the first one whistled at for swimming out too far lol

@W201028 The key is to make sure you get far enough out that you can't hear them yell at you anymore, then by the time they panic and come in after you you have enough of a head start they can't catch yup to you :)

@freemo And thanks for reminding me about the profile. I set one up on .social and just assumed it would be ported over to this instance

@W201028 @freemo


Hey I'm also Native American. Look almost exactly like you. Full beard and pretty chill dude.

Thanks for being such a great hero! Stay optimistic/ chill man. Thanks for the useful instance in the fediverse


@QuantumHemp Thanks for the kind words! Its awesome having you here too. Maybe one day we will get to Smoke a Peace Pipe :)


@freemo is it hard to get into diving? I've got a diving school close to me. Thinking about trying it out.

@hal If you can afford the hobby and have the fortitude for it then you will no doubt love it!

@freemo Do you perhaps know how many times you gotta attend the classes before you can try real diving? I assume they're training you in a pool first so you can get used with equipment and stuff

@hal You can do all the classes online. If you do that youll be in a pool starting from day one and in a lake or ocean by day one or two (very shallow at first). Depending on how you get certified the in-water exercises can be done within a few days.

This is all open-water cert mind you which is the lowest level. I'm a full-tech diver and that takes years. But with open water youll be certified to dive yo to 70 feet.

@freemo That's awesome πŸ‘ Well I hope I get to try it sometime! My dream is to try something more than just snorkeling and maybe taking some cool underwater photos!

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