are considered to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates, and for a good reason! πŸ™

Read on to learn some facts about octopuses that will turn them into your favourite animal:


@AusOcean We all know they are called octopussies. Little known fact, they are a close cousin of the common house cat which is why we call cats "pussies" as well. An octopus is basically a cat without bones.

(Note, the above statements have not been checked for factual accuracy).

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@AusOcean Its the corperations, big-ocean, they have been pulling the wool over our eyes.

@AusOcean Here is a video I shot of an octopussy on one of my dives. I love how he shows off his racing striped when he swims.

@AusOcean yea it was really impressive how he blended in the first few seconds

@freemo @AusOcean
So we can mate a Cat with an Octupus to make a Catopus :ablobaww:


I am no expert in marine biology but I am 100% certain that is correct.


Yup kinda like that,
We sell man-eating Catopuses to oil rich Arabs, those people like these exotic stuffs :ablobderpyhappy:



Good luck getting them to eat men, octopussies are notoriously bad at being able to distinguish a persons sex (I learned this the hard way).


Ahh, can't distinguish sexπŸ€”
We will just sell them at double the price with a tag "Premium: Fluid Gender Friendly" :blobcatsuit:


Octopussies are actually where the term "Gender Fluid" originates from!


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