Liberal: "We need to raise the minimum wage to fix our problems".

Me: "It doesnt fix problems it makes them worse, here is some hard data proving it actually does more harm to the poor than good!"

Conservatives: "Yes, we agree, stupid libtards, lets get rid of minimum wage!"

Me: "Yes, great, perfect, glad you understand. So once we get rid of it how do you plan to replace it with something better that fixes the poverty problem we are facing?"

Conservatives: "Fix the what now? No no, we just oppose welfare, we dont want to fix poverty, they are just lazy"

Me: "Fuck off!"

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@freemo There's no "fixing" poverty because someone will always be on the bottom of the economic spectrum. "poverty is so bad I can only eat steak 5 times a day while driving my new tesla" - poor man in 2055.

@hankhill that depends on how you measure it, and who you ask. The very reason you just explain is why I often argue poverty today is not nearly as bad as it has been in the past. Technology and advancement in processes has made the quality of life for people on the lower half of the spectrum better in many ways.

The key is being able to see and understand that, which most people cant. None of that changes the fact that we could improve the poverty situation in a way that is a benefit to everyone, but we dont do a good job at that.

@freemo people lack foresight as to where money comes from.
"I want a higher minimum wage"
-ok who do you think that comes from?
"My employer"
-and how do you think that will affect them?

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