In St. Croix, one of the american virgin islands, drinking and driving is perfectly legal. I was shocked when I learned that from a bartender who encouraged me to take a beer with me for my ride home, an open one (I was driving).

Better yet when I asked her about if it was a problem having people drinking while driving she remarked that it was ok and safe because the roads on st. croix were so narrow and winding that people paid more attention and no one would speed.... didnt seem like the best of explanations to me.

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@freemo is actually true though. straight roads are more dangerous, as are roads with signage. i think it was denmark who found that removing signage from raods reduced accidents.

has to do with straight roads seem simple so people deallocate attention to it, and signage both takes people's eyes off the road but also micromanages them which makes them stop paying attention to the task as well.

@icedquinn Under normal circumstances I could buy that... Still think its a poor excuse to allow drinking and driving though :)

Leave it to someone to fuck it up for everyone else...

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