Making more progress. Finally got the entire working surface of my desk completely decluttered and scrubbed. The rest of the house is spotless right now but i swear my office is taking as long as the whole house to clean, most of it was just figuring out where to put the mountain of shit i had on my desk, so this is really the bulk of the effort.

Behind me in the other half of the room is the EE lab and radio station, but that will be a breeze compared to this damn desk.

Once I have the rest of the room cleaned though I need to double back and figure out to do with that nest of wires on the desk. Takes up too much space just for wires. I'm thinking of doing some sort of cable management that is attached to the wall. At the very least going to screw that router on to the wall.

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@freemo What about a kind of 'cable basket' screwed below the desk to hang all your wires in?

@trinsec The cables themes arent the issue, these are power strips mostly open. Its basically where i plug stuff in that i dont keep plugged in, usually when im using some tool or something.

So whatever i do with it it needs to be easily accessible.

@freemo Can't you just put some hooks on the back of the desk and rest the cables on them? Like Command hooks.

@Bradley_JF No room between the wall and the desk. Even if i could move the resk it would need to have a decent gap to be easily enough accessible to access the sockets easily.

@freemo only thing I can figure is building a custom shelf that mounts under the desk or sits on the top back of the desk.

@Bradley_JF I will likely need to attach it to the wall, no other options really.

@Bradley_JF It really is, way worse than just cleaning... but when you have to declutter AND clean up at the same time, well thats even worse.

My tactic is to put the things away that have a place, anything that doesnt have a place put in a box and get everything spotless, then as the last step go through the box and organize things into newly created spaces for them (I have lots of drawers and plastic bins I use for organizing many of which are empty). But it can be a pain to figure out how to catgorize things in a way that is universal and applies to everything i own... i own a lot of junk.

@freemo Very true, but at least once everything is where it's supposed to be, cleaning should be easier.

I think I know what you mean about categorizing and having a place for things. I have some things where I want them all to be together, but realistically, I need to have one or more of them scattered around to save time. Or I just don't have bins for everything. I need to get some new furniture with more storage space.

@Bradley_JF I am a bit unusual in the sense that I have a house full of labs and am a researcher... So i have billions of little things that all need their place, from walls of electrical components to closets filled to the brim with chemicals.

So yea, with so many things I have an unusual challenge when it comes to organizing my mountain of stuff.

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