@freemo @null0x0 I prefer to buy it on #iTunes, download it, and strip the DRM. My conscience is clear cuz I'm not pirating and I don't feel like it's stealing, but I get all the benefits of piracy. And then some, because the fidelity is arguably better than pirated files.


Normally I'd be ok with that but a few things

1) I wont pay to become a criminal and have the same status as a non-paying person

2) I wont demonstrate my support for the existence of #1

If there is a DRM free version I will happily pay. If there is no DRM free version i will pirate on principle. If at a later point a non-DRM version is sold I will buy it even if I pirated it.


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@freemo @null0x0

I wont demonstrate my support for the existence of

Well, I think it’s fine if I only buy stuff on platforms I can remove the DRM from. If I can’t strip the DRM, it’s not an option. Period. That might send a minimal message, if any.

@realcaseyrollins @freemo @null0x0 this doesn't actually work. skinner boxes don't remove behavior.
@realcaseyrollins @freemo @null0x0 bf skinner was a psychoderp who studied behavioral conditioning and one of this things was using only positive reinforcement.

a skinner box is basically a setup where you have a set of options and you only reward the subject when they do something you want them to. its basically systemized positive reinforcement.

but it doesn't remove bad behaviors. since its only positive reinforcement, you may end up having to sit and wait a long time for the actor to do something you can reward. the hope is they then do this again, so you give more rewards, and they *eventually* start to seek the higher reward action more.

but a business doesn't work this way for example. you can not buy adobe all you want, but enough dupes line up to pay the vig that basically nothing happens.
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