@freemo @null0x0 I prefer to buy it on #iTunes, download it, and strip the DRM. My conscience is clear cuz I'm not pirating and I don't feel like it's stealing, but I get all the benefits of piracy. And then some, because the fidelity is arguably better than pirated files.


Normally I'd be ok with that but a few things

1) I wont pay to become a criminal and have the same status as a non-paying person

2) I wont demonstrate my support for the existence of #1

If there is a DRM free version I will happily pay. If there is no DRM free version i will pirate on principle. If at a later point a non-DRM version is sold I will buy it even if I pirated it.


@freemo @null0x0

I wont demonstrate my support for the existence of

Well, I think it’s fine if I only buy stuff on platforms I can remove the DRM from. If I can’t strip the DRM, it’s not an option. Period. That might send a minimal message, if any.

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