WOOT! Our GitLab instance just got approval for another year of free ultimate license (normally costs 100$ per person, per month).

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@freemo Just curious, what feature from ultimate license do you need? I'm curious because we've had an unlicensed gitlab at work for maybe five years now, hundreds of projects, users, dozens of runners, AD connected and we still get by on the free license. Only feature I really want is the ability to create templates of project settings.

@stemid More than I could recall to list, without some license the server is fairly well crippled. Though I'm not sure we need ultimate per se, a lower tier would have most of what we need too.

Must haves:
* Merge request approval
* Multiple approvers for MR
* Custom approval rules
* two-way repository mirroring
* Push rules
* merge rules
* Continuous Integration support (big one)
* Smart card support
* Static page hosting w/ Let's Encrypt support on custom domains

Nice to have:

* Scope labels
* Issue weights
* Customizable e-mail notifications
* Road maps
* Code owners
* Group level wiki
* Advanced searching
* Group-level code coverage
* maintenance mode for updates
* Configuration UI (Ultimate only)
* Security dashboard

@freemo thatโ€™s real nice and needs 1200$ a year is a big loss on their end so you must be doing great work for it!!! Congrats!!!

@Co of you multiplied 100 by 12.. no we have like 60 users so the cost would be 60*100*12

So actually more like 72,000$ per year if we had to pay.

@freemo I wasnโ€™t counting the users but nevertheless a lot of money.

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