Can I get some feedback on a static website im designing for my new company? Would love to get some feedback on asthetics.

It doesnt have much for content (what is there is mostly just to take up space. But would love an opinion on the logo and the look and feel. Also check out the article "our new home" to get a sense for all the layout features it has so far.

@freemo If you want my honest opinion... It looks pretty messy...
There is just too much going on everywhere to stay focussed on reading a single thing.

Also minor sidenote, your fonts overlap on the "Our new Digital Home" article.


@finlaydag33k interesting, that isnt how it rendered for everyone else.. what browser and resolution you using?

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@freemo Firefox (90.0.2) on a 1080p display (viewport is 1902x956).
Frankly enough, if I zoom in 1 tick, and then zoom out 1 tick, it's completely fine.

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