After being up for only about a week QOTO's main matrix chat room (the lobby) is approaching 100 users (including guests). Really happy I brought up the service, I've enjoyed all the chats.

For those interested you can join the chat here. If you arent logged in you'll be a guest, highly recommend registering though as you cant do much as a guest.


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@freemo Do guests ever 'expire'? Or are we heading towards Guest #10000 eventually and you claim 10000+ people joined the lobby? ;)

@trinsec As I understand it if a user comes back on later they will control the same guest user (assuming they didnt clear their cookies). As such just like any other user they can join or leave rooms as they wish. Even if they had registered a user before joining it wouldnt look any different except they would have had a custom username.

@trinsec Also if you compare to rooms with similar counts as us we are actually more active than many.. Like Meow Chat (the chat from Stux's server) has about 35% more users than us, yet on average only one person speaks per day with 1 - 3 messages. Which is quite a bit less than what we are seeing int he QOTO lobby with a fraction of the users.

In the end its all relative.

@freemo I'm merely curious, because how does the server know that this user will return and not never come back? If there's no expiration thingy, do we indeed head towards 10000 guests eventually? Of which most would be 'dead guest accounts'? Just curious how this is implemented.

@trinsec How would they know a registered user would return? They dont.
So usually the people in a room isnt indicative of the active users in the room.

QOTOs room being only a week old though means all the users listed were active in the last week. So that is telling that our user count represents a larger portion of active users than the user count from an older room.

But in reality it just wont tell you **that** much

@freemo Right. So, after a while you won't be able to use the term 'the lobby is approaching xx users' to indicate activity. ;)

Guess it's just a li'l bit of OCD on my side about the 'cleanliness' of the population in a room. That made me wonder about the details. Thanks. ;)

@trinsec yea eventually as people clear their cookies a guest user would become defunt and the server would have no real way of knowing that. You can set it up int he config to wipe users who are inactive for a certain period of time. So its possible that will happen, I dont recall if i turned that on or not.

@freemo Makes sense, then I'd probably do something liberal like 3 months or so.

@trinsec yea a generous setting makes sense... but then again no real reason to set it at all. Having old defunct guest users dont actually hurt anything.

@trinsec haha if it weren't for your OCD there would have been at least a dozen bugs around QOTO still there that no one could give a shit about :) you are priceless :)

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