I am happy to see the QOTO matrix server and specifically our main chatroom is very active despite being so new. 128 users (including guests) and somewhere on the order of 200+ messages a day.

If you have a matrix account on any matrix server (its federated) come join us at :qoto.org

If you dont have an account or client feel free to register for an account on QOTOs matrix, all are welcome:


@QOTO @General

@freemo @QOTO @General

Looks good, If I go to element,io I can use the web interface how do I find


I don't fully understand how matrix works



If you are registered with a homeserver other than QOTO then just search for a room and select QOTO.org in the server dro down (youll have to add it manually)

Also if you just say the text :qoto.org it will render as a clickable link you can use to join.

@QOTO @General

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