I will get a great amount of pleasure if I see the mastodon project sue trump, make a bunch of money, get him to shut down his server, and then use that money to improve the network/project.

I have to say, it's pretty great how: A) The Fediverse is quick to block Trump's fork and instance of Mastodon that violates the AGPL3 licensing B)...
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@freemo TRUTH social is fucking mastodon based?!

Also what licensing agreement did he break?

@Raccoondude It appears to be, the UI is identical to mastodon suggesting as much.

He broke the licensing agreement that requires a person keep all copyright notices and also that he is required to release the source code along side any modifications he makes to the server.

@freemo That's incredibly disappointing. There wasn't any reason for them to do that.
This could have brought mastodon into the mainstream and instead FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW they screw it up for no reason.

@swiley I'm not sure if trump was honest about mastodon it would have "brought it to the mainstream". It may have even been a mastodon killer as the world boycotts it or something.

Hard to say though, sometimes bad publicity can be good publicity I guess.

@freemo if we've learned anything from the Jews it's that exposure works, good or bad. @swiley

@freemo I'm not too sure what a mastodon boycott would look like.

@freemo @swiley is the site even live yet
AGPL doesn't mean anything until it hits production


Yea I made that comment. Sorta. Its up but logins arent open yet (they were but only accidentally). So there is no content, no accounts, and nothing to follow. But the server is live and you can browse to it (even though you cant get past the front page).

So strictly since its live at all it is already in violation.


@freemo @swiley going to reserve judgement for when its more significant than tripping over the nginx config on a demo site :cirno_sip:


Agreed and in response to blocking it I made the same assertion. Its a demo site, its too early to rally the team to ban something that may not even be an issue.

That doesnt change the fact that I hope they actually do go full ahead with this as is and violate the AGPL and get their ass handed to them. so I entirely support them moving forward.


You could argue intent matters a lot here. They didn't intend to share it so they're not violating the license yet.


It is a violation of the license whether they shared it or not. The fact that the mastodon code is currently live and used to host the main page, even with logins turned off, is already a violation in its own right. The fact that logins werent really turned off by hidden behind an unpublished link really isnt not a required part of the equation needed to be in violation.


>mastodon code is currently live and used to host the main page
Oof, I didn't realize they were doing that. I assumed it was just static html. :(


The main page on mastodon is mostly static html. but its still part of mastodon.


@freemo I've been busy and am out of the loop on this. Is it similar to what Gab did? I can't figure out why they don't just run a regular instance, other than to cash in on the followers.

@MRECheese I'm out of the loop myself, just started hearing the reports today. All I know is they brought up an instance as promised that is basically mastodon rebranded to hide its mastodon. I dont know much more than that.

@freemo This slide actually gets funnier the more you look at it. What's with the outdated radio symbolizing the 1980's? And consider this is 1 of 22 slides total.

Full Deck:

@freemo Honestly hadn't even noticed those lightning bolts, thus proving the point...I mean, I've likely made some crappy pitch decks in my life but this is like "bigly" skill level

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