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Smartphones and smartphone apps are bad for your mental health. And it's rude to expose your friends to services run by organizations like Google and Apple for this reason and many others.

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The legislation would still permit the government to implement wide-sweeping executive orders such as a mask mandate and forced business closures, but it also accentuates protections for religious liberty and the Second Amendment and addresses topics like property taxes and liability protections.

ah right because diseases are respectful enough that you can’t spread them while jewing and christianing but your sandwich shop that took you 20 years of your life to build sorry that spreads diseases.

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If you are an Indian national, please stay safe. Others who may see this, please boost it. Stopping this is a community effort. Just because now it doesn't affect you, it doesn't mean it won't in a future.

I humbly ask for your help:


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Public Service Announcement

The symbol # has many names, including "hash". Using a hash to make a tag word easier to search makes the whole construct a "hashtag".

Because people say things like "check out hashtag 'learn'", people inferred that the # itself was spoken as "hashtag". This has led to some confusion in certain kinds of discussion.

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#2432 Manage Your Preferences 

Manage cookies related to essential site functions, such as keeping Atrius and his sons imprisoned within the page.

@popolon @clacke @yogthos Yes, I've argued about this with my peers and don't vote for politicians that work to make this worse.

You still can't go to prison in the US for speaking out against the government though which is what makes the situation in China very hard to get facts on.

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tired: "This destroys the RSA cryptosystem."

inspired: "This destroys the ROT13 cryptosystem."

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a netbook in 2010: a low-power, small machine that isn't very capable except for browsing the world wide web

a netbook in 2020: basically a mobile workstation with octacore CPU, 32 GB ram, so you can run more than 3 Web Applications at the same time

For the first time since last fall my apartment has direct sunlight in it again :)

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The security community has just figured out that Lastpass' Android app has trackers built into it.

Of course it does. 90% of the stuff you get out of the Play Store, from any manufacturer, will have at least one (and usually more) trackers embedded in it.

That is part of the ecosystem. It is also baked into some of the more popular devkits out there, and the developers might not even know they're there.

Seriously, folks... assume that you are being tracked and monitored, and act accordingly. This is a logical and reasonable thing to assume in the 21st century until you prove otherwise to your own satisfaction.

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One step closer to having the #PinePhone keyboard ready... the membranes just came in!

Find out more about the keyboard and other upcoming tech in our latest Community Update:

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woah! blocks (and apparently)

That's kind of depressing, that was the first mastodon instance I joined.

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We reject: kings, presidents, and voting.
We believe in: rough consensus and working code.
-- Dave Clark
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From now on I am calling Hashtags Octothorpe-tags, that is all.

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