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Smartphones and smartphone apps are bad for your mental health. And it's rude to expose your friends to services run by organizations like Google and Apple for this reason and many others.

I swear to god I'm not old
Shut up about my grandchildren youtube.

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Great… Instead of helping out with standardizing protocols, Chromium is just adding support for GNOME-specific APIs.

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"We believe your phone should be your castle and that you should be in control of your own computer, not us and not any other vendor." #privacy #librem5 #librem5usa

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Today's win is an important victory for users everywhere. We will continue to fight to ensure that computer crime laws no longer chill security research, journalism, and other novel and interoperable uses of technology that ultimately benefit all of us.

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The EU's DMA proposal includes several "nice to haves," but is missing key standards, such as an interoperability obligation for platforms’ core services to foster innovation and put users back in control of their data, privacy, and online experience.

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Groups who are particularly tech-savvy could, like police officers, easily figure out which songs result in videos being removed and use that knowledge to keep speech they don’t like offline.

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gamja has been deployed as an experimental IRC client on Libera Chat \o/

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Thinking about traveling abroad now that more people are vaccinated? One of our clients in our border search phone case has a warning for you.

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Amazon Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen: one in 10 US police departments can now access videos from millions of Ring cameras without a warrant:

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Establishing a right to repair in New York makes it easier for people to fix their broken devices, helps independent businesses, and helps the environment. Tell your lawmakers to support S04104 and A07006.

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Someone was asking recently how to make choices amongst options for complex products they had little current experience with. I think this was @kensanata though I can't find the toot in question.

Specifically, the issue was making sense of a bunch of online reviews of dubious origin, reputation, expertise, and validity. In this case a piece of musical equipment if I recall.

I'd meant to reply at the time, my advice remains:

Find local domain experts you trust. A local band, music shop (if it exists), school, etc. Practitioners tend to be the most expert users.
Recognise the difference between expert/professional systems, and mass-market kit. Yes, the former is often expensive, but as a twist, the latter is often junk.
In some cases, practitioners may be cash-poor and looking to offload old kit cheap. Bonus.

One recommendation comes from my years in Linux advocacy, and the perrenial question, "what distro should I use?"

All the mainstream ones are more than sufficient. Generalising, major branding does have value.
There's a key differentiator that experts will be aware of, for Linux that's the package management system, effectively the core from which the rest of the system depends. Find your products core structure.
If you're going to rely on someone local for support, use what they use, recommend, and support. Your key differentiator here is has support, and what has support is what your local domain expert uses. Yes, this might mean you're using something oddball by global standards, but in your own universe it's blesssed.

Otherwise, finding an inexpensive-but-not-bottom-of-the-barrel option as your first experience is useful.

Borrow / lend / lease is a great way to get familiarity. As are hands-on educational / training / testing sessions. (There are reasons vendors often support these.)

If you don't have local experts, find discussions or trade publications, ignore tha ads, and see what the practitioners talk about in their own equipment. If you can find a "how I got started" discussion, look to that, as beginner and expert needs do differ. Early experiences are often a mix of nostalgia and frustration with equipment or tool limitations, so there's that going for you.

(Way back in the day I was looking through a tech magazine packed with Iomega adverts, though the technical credits lauded magneto-optical drives. The latter were spendy, but didn't suffer the click-of-death issues of the advertised crap. Pay attention to what's used, not what's shilled.)

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#Ryanair is "sincerely apologizing to all affected passengers for a regrettable delay". What is a kidnapping if not a regrettable delay huh #Belarus

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WAT?! You're telling me there has been a team at Facebook designing and implementing this feature, and not one person has stood up and asked:

"Uhm, isn't that super creepy, even for us?"

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Here's a astonishing factiod::

--most people who live in first-world countries do not 'actively' know how to start a fire with materials found in nature. This is despite having inclinations on how to begin doing so. This is somethig cavemen easily mastered after a while.

--'greek fire' is a 'lost science' that is yet to be perfectly reproduced today

==if you value mankinds advancemments and the ability to achieve great feats- you should do your part in preserving knowledge by making it as widely and pubically accessible as possible.

==burning of books/literature however they may be dismissiviely classified- is a detriment to humanity as a whole.

++my proposition::
-- please seed your torrents
-- keep an open mind towards others
-- share knowledge freely and share openly what you have if asked for it.

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It seems the pages to watch regarding when #matrix will bridge with #libera are:……

The last comment on the issue says:

> A libera bridge is in progress: have patience, and join on Matrix for updates.

Definitely not retro, my AMD Ryzen 5 machine I built last year has this installed.

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#Apple's Tim Cook says 'threat profile' of #iPhone justifies App Store rules

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) Chief Executive Tim Cook on Friday told a court the 'threat profile' of the iPhone required tight control of the App Store, which "Fortnite" game maker #Epic Games says is a monopoly that Apple abuses.

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Apple's testimony today describes their future for computing. In the name of security, Apple wants to vet (and get a cut from) all software installed on all Macs, not just iPhones. This has always been the plan, but it takes time to boil the frog that is traditional computers.

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“How Apple screwed Facebook - Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data”


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