Sooo part of my crypto funds were stolen and I have no idea how. But obviously the hackers have the credentials to my wallet (exodus). I really don't recommend using wallets (or any other important app) without 2FA (Exodus doesn't have an option for 2FA which is super weird). The hackers knew it as they also tried to steal my funds from Coinbase where 2FA is optional but luckily was activated. I know they tried because I received a log in confirmation code from Coinbase on the day of the hack. But they didn't even try Binance (where 2FA is mandatory). In summary, no 2FA, not your coins.


@biomedmax I take it this wasnt a hardware wallet huh? Sorry to hear this.

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@freemo nope. I don't have enough crypto to justify having a hardware wallet that's why I'm not too upset. When I went to forums investigating I saw hundreds of stories of people loosing tens of thousands. If I had these amounts I would have been much more serious sbout security. I lost 30 euros It's just lesson about how vulnerable our data is lol

@biomedmax yea i got 6 - 7 digits in crypto on any day... im in airgapped hardware wallet mode that is locked in a safe at the bank :)

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