Some more highlights from the video I took on today's dive. Video coming soon.

In thebelow pictures we have a Peacock Flounder (they change color), A Trumpet Fish, a school of Pennant Coralfish (Heniochus-acuminatus), and a Chelidonura livida.

Dive stats:


πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
I will share the other pictures from my dive in the next post. But this ancient absolutely massive Hawksbill Sea Turtle deserves its own post. This...

Liking the pics of this kinda of adventure sport you might say. Adventuring and Sport-ing

It's just really different!

On top of that, putting it up on here probably while doing a bunch of other stuff is an achievement !

I'm enjoying fish and colours in pics mixed all in and with the almost prehistoric-looking greys-ish / soft colours pics


@freeschool Thanks I am happy you are enjoying it, its why I do it. And yea with the slow internet it is absolutely an achievement getting these up. The video is a 10 hour upload and makes it so i cant use the internet so i let it upload as I sleep.

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