Man im looking over all the places ive been and its a bit overwhelming, especially considering ive spe t montha in many places and even lived inany places. Here is a breakdown of places ive been and how long I stayed:

Over a dozen USA states
Netherlands (about 2 years total)
Egypt (3 months)
Israel (3 months and ongoing)
Iceland (1 week)
Canada (1 week)
Us virgin islands (1 year)
Uk (1 week)
Germany (1 month)
Italy (2 weeks)
France (1 week)
Maldives (1 month, currently here)
Belgium (1 week)
Russia (1 day)

Hopefully i have much more of this comming.

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@freemo you're telling as if you are going for your next trip. I know you mentioned the holiday, so are you coming back afterwards or up to your next long-term destination?

I just arrived in the maldives, ill be here a month. But i have my eye on east asia soon

Apparently, the place where you spent less time was Russia. :blobthinkingglare:

You didn't have time to know a Russian girl, did you?

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