I am going to try to find time this weekend to add in several new features to QOTO, fix a few small bugs, and if we aare REALLY lucky and things go well I might release a new version of QOTO this weekend (no promises though my life is CRAZY right now, hard to predict).

@freemo thank you for this space here and all you do. Is there a way to help?


@apinae We do accept donations, but I have donated more than enough with well over 10,000$ in our bank account from my own pocket. So we have enough money to operate for years right now.

If you really want to give back thinking of non-financial ways (even just been a contributing member of the community) helps far more than money.

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@freemo All right. Thank you very much. If you ever do need monetary support, toot it loudly. I really like this community so far, so engaging isn’t hard.

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