I am going to try to find time this weekend to add in several new features to QOTO, fix a few small bugs, and if we aare REALLY lucky and things go well I might release a new version of QOTO this weekend (no promises though my life is CRAZY right now, hard to predict).

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@freemo Nothing crazy about taking on a server fix a new release! Iโ€™m sure it will all go smoothly for you๐Ÿ˜€
Seriously though, thanks for all of your hard work! Greatly appreciated

@MrsDi Whats crazy is my life.. im in charge of a company going public, and let me tell you, that is a nightmare process.

OMG. Yes, your plate is overflowing! Sending good vibes your wayโ€ฆ or zen or whatever is going to make that easier.

@freemo maybe Iโ€™m dreaming, but on android I believe there is a qoto app? Do you have plans for an iPhone app? I love the functionality of the qoto website over other mastodon apps

@_JAStockdale There are several apps that work with qoto on both iphone and android, but they arent made specifically for QOTO.

Qoto uses a standard protocol called "ActivityPub". Any client which talks that language can be used to access your account here. Its the same protocol used by all servers in the fediverse.

@freemo thanks for the info, Iโ€™ll take another look at what my colleague uses as I liked the usability of whatever it was over the mastodon app.

@_JAStockdale lots of good clients. If you search there is a list of them posted somewhere ( i can find it for you if you cant)

@freemo thank you for this space here and all you do. Is there a way to help?

@apinae We do accept donations, but I have donated more than enough with well over 10,000$ in our bank account from my own pocket. So we have enough money to operate for years right now.

If you really want to give back thinking of non-financial ways (even just been a contributing member of the community) helps far more than money.

@freemo All right. Thank you very much. If you ever do need monetary support, toot it loudly. I really like this community so far, so engaging isnโ€™t hard.

@freemo I haven't been here long & still finding my way round, but I'm liking it so far. Hope you get your small bugs sorted. Sending lots of energy to help. Thank you

@freemo all sounds crazy busy! Thanks again for doing all this! Youโ€™re very much appreciated ๐Ÿคฉ

@DrK Happy to, its worth it to have this wonderful community to interact with. IT is nice to have you be a part of it.

@freemo I really appreciate what you've done here. Company going public, yikes. Refugees from the bird site, yikes. Upgrading software, what ?

Be kind to yourself. I was a techie, and I burned myself out during the time of craziness for fixes to systems for Y2K. I should have built some space into my life.

Oh, do you have a Patreon? I can't seem to find one for qoto

Once again,

@agterrane I burnt myself out a long time ago, now im just ashes blowing in the wind :)

We do not have a patreon. We have accepted donations before but honestly, we are well funded with my own money, so its not needed. If you want to contribute though please feel free even if its nothing more than posting quality content.

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