I love how people who have been here less tthan a day, but have been active, already have 30+ followers... really goes to show how much easier it is to connect to people here than it is on twitter.

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@freemo I have been here a week and have already seen more positive engagement here than years on Twitter.

@jazake Yea, I have a decent twitter following, nothing major, in the thousands. Yet that took me 4x the time it took for me to gain nearly 30K followers here. Unless your famous twitter is kinda dead when it comes to engagement

@freemo There's probably a selection effect here too, given the somewhat sizeable exodus from most of the science Twitter community who are relinking with other members of their circle here.

@aazad That may be. I wasnt aware the exodus was focused on the scientific community in any way.

I will say i have always noticed I gain followers here far more easily than I ever had on twitter despite posting the same contennt in both places.

@freemo @aazad
probably also because on Mastodon the home timeline is populated mainly by the person I'm following, so I need to follow accounts.

I'm following also hashtags, but it is also a way for finding interesting accounts to follow.

@freemo I didn't come from Twitter but what drew me to the platform is one of the things driving migrants nuts. I like the servers have their own personalities. I love academics and intelligent banter so I've fallen in love with qoto immediately. Migrants seem to have an awkward adjustment to the idea of destination oriented posts and timelines. I think it's brilliant. But I still owe the migration credit cause I read about it in Reuters.

@skanman I agree. There are many subtle consequences of the federated architecture that make it quite nice.

@freemo Probably because people here aren't waiting for an algorithm to tell them which people they might follow.

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