I just realized something very powerful.....

I am sitting here, in my office, at a company I own a large chunk of, running the entire company, all because I made the discovery of a lifetime that will change the entire face of medicine int he next few years, save millions if not billions of lives, and about to go public on the stock exchange... everything suggests I havent just made the scientific discovery of a lifetime, saved the world (hopefully), but will probably be a billionaire in the next few years at this rate....

Yet here I am letting a few vile twerps on a small social media network get under my skin and hurt me... fuck them, they could only hope to do a fraction of the good I'm doing. All they want to do is lie, hurt, and tare down good people to make their own pathetic egos feel like it has some value...

I think im good, they only mattered because I let them.

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Yes sir. Moving on.
And let me know when your company goes public.

Social media consistently bring out the worst of us even in the best of us.

(Technically speaking, social media bring out all aspects of us superimposed, but the worst aspects propagate fastest and widest, including spooky action at a distance.)

@freemo Running a social network where you can keep toxicity at bay without censoring every interesting deviation from the dumbest common denominator, at scale, would be yet another discovery of a lifetime.

A word of caution about going public:
Financial markets have rewarded the worst aspects of Social Media with astronomically high rewards, to the detriment of the more benign aspects.
Going public may force you to focus on the evil aspects.

@freemo Just by hosting this instance you are helping lots of people. I greatly appreciate it. I appreciate the open structure of QOTO, even if it's not for everyone, and I think that as Mastodon becomes more mainstream, QOTO will continue to play an important role in the social network. I expect that all instance maintainers/moderators are feeling a lot of stress right now. I'm glad you have other things going for you and can take a step back to see what your goals are and who you are helping. Please take care of yourself and don't burn out!

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