So it looks like the delisting might mean we arent even showing up on the official mastodon app for apple now.

Shame on you @Gargron you are a disgrace!

Stephan Preibisch  
Does anyone know why the Apple mastodon app doesn’t know #qoto ?
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@freemo Nothing new there! When he blocks people not having a clue of what is doing, he has said it all!

@freemo @Gargron

The target outside of gargrons marxist/tyrannical bubble is bigger than inside.

Verify if their client fails, and switch to advertising different clients.

Official masto android client is very poor feature-wise.


Yea we might consider throwing up a pleorma instance and copying our user base.


@freemo what caused the delisting? Is this because the server doesn't use a blocklist/is a 'free speech' oriented server?

I worry about this instance migrating to Pleroma (even if, w/ something like the Soapbox FE it'd be miles prettier) it might be seen as a reason for to block us. A stupid reason, but a reason nonetheless.

@funkybrainjuice i woukdnt migrate. Id spin up a seperate instance but keep this one too. Users can migrate as they wish.

@freemo I'd be very keen to join that new instance, will keep my eyes peeled πŸ‘€

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