Congratulations Dr. Preusser!

Great defense, I’m very happy we could do this in person at the BIMSB / @MDC_Berlin 😊

Why do airlines think that leaving the lights on in an overnight flight is a good idea? I really don't get it ... especially now that I travel with kids, but also before actually ...

@preibischs @royerlab fwiw I think we should be putting our efforts in open source models that you can run locally — these are already very close in performance to ChatGPT and have obvious advantages:

It was a pleasure to host Loic Royer (CZI Biohub) for a Napari-ChatGPT Code Review @hhmijanelia

It was very exciting and I think watching it will give you a nice introduction to the project, but also how to get started using the API for your own projects:

The Scientific Computing group at #HHMIJanelia seeks a software engineer, to work on large-scale electron #microscopy reconstruction and analysis. Come work at the forefront of #imaging and #OpenScience with applications in #Neuroscience and #CellBiology. Janelia welcomes and values diversity, and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds, including people of color and members of groups traditionally underrepresented in science. (#FediHire, #FediHired)

We are looking for a software engineer with background in mathematics and/or image alignment to work with us on reconstructing very large electron microscopy volumes:

Today the peer-reviewed version of our preprint is out:

"The #connectome of an insect brain"

Congrats to co-first authors Michael Winding and Benjamin Pedigo, and to all our lab members and collaborators who made this work possible over the years. A journey that started over 10 years ago–and yet this is but a new beginning. So much more to come.

See my #tootprint on the preprint from back in the Autumn:

The data is available both as supplements and directly via #CATMAID thanks to hosting by the #VirtualFlyBrain:

(The "Winding, Pedigo et al. 2023" annotation listing all included neurons will appear very soon in an upcoming update.)

#neuroscience #connectomics #Drosophila #DrosophilaLarva

Latest report from the #OMENGFF #Community describing #OMEZARR, a #CloudOptimized #BioImaging #DataFormat, is out now on #bioRxiv!

If you are having trouble with big, slow, or otherwise unwieldy imaging data, reach out or take a look for a #FAIR-er option.

Is there a library that can write TIFFs bigger than 2^31 pixels per plane? I thought jai-imageio could do it, but an implementation detail prevents it (

Thanks so much!!

We have an open #postdoc position in #RNA biology. Combine Genomics and proteomics to develop new tools to explore RNA protein interactions. A collaboration with Ilaria Piazza’s lab (MDC Berlin). Come and join us in #Stockholm SciLifeLab Karolinska Institute Deadline 30 Jan.

Follow-up update for is out! Now supports:
1) export of BigDataViewer/BigStitcher compatible HDF5/N5 datasets
2) export of datasets for 2D images and 2D slices of 3D images

Stephan Preibisch  
Exciting New Year's release of #BigStitcher! It now supports: 1) efficient blocked processing, meaning large, tiled acquisitions are fused blazing...

Exciting New Year's release of ! It now supports:

1) efficient blocked processing, meaning large, tiled acquisitions are fused blazingly fast (second/minutes instead of hours)!

2) Export of ZARR/N5/HDF5 thanks to the N5-API

Check it out, just update Fiji!

Hi everyone, does anyone know current approaches for segmenting organs of known, annotated shape in low resolution modalities such as ultrasound?

We need it for similar problems in biology and microscopy ...

Thanks so much!!

@preibischs interesting experiment which shows, not surprisingly, how the outcome can be biased by the training set. Most of those recipes are quite South German, Bavaria and the Black Forrest area. The type one would see in a American movie depicting German stereotypes.

I do think AI as an enormous potential but I think it's easy to ignore the errors which are only detect by human experts in a particular field.

I got curious about and the associated questions related to ownership - so I quickly created a with outstanding recipes by asking questions and DALL-E to generate images ... check it out

Which license does code have that creates? Can I use it and license as anything I want? itself did not answer the question ...

We are looking for a Technical Assistant in the research lab of Jacqueline Tabler at the MPI-CBG. The Tabler lab investigates the cellular and biophysical mechanisms governing morphogenesis and cell fate in the embryonic mouse skull. Apply here:

Mastodon gets un-suspended and then goes for the posterizing dunk right out of the gate #tech #socialmedia

For those who still have a Twitter account, you might want to vote on this one

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