@freemo well done on the article. Despite your obvious anger, you've managed to keep to the facts.

FYI, qoto.org is still listed on instances.social

@raymondlesley yes that list includes all instances without exceptions, even quite nasty ones

@freemo @raymondlesley It appears qoto.org hasn't been deemed sufficiently evil yet.


@freemo Typos:

"alongside" for "along side"
"don't" for "dont"
"let's" for "lets"
"it's important" for "its important"
"It's been" for "Its been"
"it's right" for "its right"
"isn't" for "isnt"
"changed; excited, I" for "changed, excited I"
"Gab" for "GAB"

You need to correct these if you want journalists to take you seriously.

Arguable but still probably style improvements:
"swastika-wielding" for "swastika wielding"
"genocide-wanting" for "genocide wanting"
"old, and" for "old and"
"drama, and" for "drama and"
"prejudice, this" for "prejudice this"
"STEM-oriented" for "STEM oriented"

Is this useful? I can do it for the whole article if you want, but will be a lot of work, so I don't want to do it if you'll just ignore it.

@radehi It is. What would be much more helpful, if you are willing, is to go here:


then register an account... and edit it directly for any fixes.. then I can approve.

@freemo Will do that. Too bad GitLab doesn't support authenticating against Mastodon with OAuth?

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