Seems like those that strongly oppose #UFoI are the most toxic, and appear to have not read the proposal in the first place.. simply following along with someone else’s opinion. Much of that toxicity & hate seems to be aimed at one person, and to that the whole of #qoto.

Whether you like or dislike @freemo or #qoto because it has a Q in itβ€”or whatever your flavor of opinion isβ€”it’s completely irrelevant as an argument.

@Darkayne @freemo My issue with #qoto is all the emphasis on not censoring "unpopular" ideas. Lots of ideas are unpopular because they're discredited, and many discredited ideas are also flypaper for bigots - Holocaust denial, race science, flat-earthism, etc. Debating these topics isn't going to bring forth any new insights, it just gives plausible deniability to bigots so they can spread their ideology in a way that appears civil if you don't know which dog whistles to listen for.


All of those examples are explicitly against the rules and we explicitly state as such.


@freemo @Darkayne Where? What I see on the Qoto About page is that y'all don't allow "hate speech" but also won't "censor unpopular ideas". In my experience (and the experience of a lot of marginalized people), places with policies like these tend to give a pass to people who want to "debate" things like race science as long as they don't say any slurs, while people who point out bigotry are often banned for being "uncivil".

@SamuelBepis @freemo @Darkayne FWIW, I've been on QOTO a month now and haven't seen any race science or bigotry. The few moderation decisions I've seen have been thoughtful and nuanced.
@freemo isn't always the best at clearly communicating his intentions, but from everything I've seen so far, his heart appears to be in the right place.
As a member of the LGBTQ community, I never felt anything less than welcomed on QOTO. And, if I had to describe the tone of my Local feed here, it's mostly STEM-related material, but of the few political-or-politics-adjacent posts I see, the vast majority seem to be left-leaning.

I don't know where this dramatic characterization of QOTO being a hive of right-wing disinfo and bigotry comes from, but it really doesn't seem to have any basis in reality.



Its actually much more sinister than you might think...

A guy named snow joined out instance quite some time ago. Long story short turned out he was a literal Nazi and got suspended.

He then had a vandetta for at least a year against QOTO. At one point he announced he was going to defame us by create a cohort of alts on LGBTQ servers and start posting lies.. he recruited a handful of other Nazis to do this, again, all in public (see attached).

Anyway, it worked, most of the lies you hear about QOTO are complete fabrications started by snow or one of his alts... now a year later those lies snowball and get exagerated and ... well here we are.

@SamuelBepis @Darkayne

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