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"[Qoto was] defederated for many reasons (some receipts attached) that had nothing to do with that users, and everything to do with their moderation policies or rather lack thereof."

I find this fascinating... "receipts" paraded about in fact show sensible moderation policy, rather than a "lack" of anything. Is it possible claiming "receipts" hoping for no discussion of them or actual reading of them takes place? Looks suspicious, like a bad actor move. How does "legitimize" this?


The second he was corrected he threw up his hands and said he wont even discuss it. Then thinks my friend stux is gonna block me or something... Stux actually bothers to make informed decisions. It says a lot when someone refuses to even probe random screen shots or look past their own nose. This guy is either a troll or a tool, cant figure out which.

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@freemo @Romaq @PKMNLives @ufoi @casey-magazine @stux Stux is great! Very cool dude 😎 I actually always use him and his instance as an example of a non free speech instance run correctly.

Not sure about this PKMNLives person so I can't make a judgement and I feel like doing so isn't worth my time. Maybe that person has been duped by certain lies and doesn't feel like digging for the sources? Or is just busy and doesn't have the time to respond to what we're saying? πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

At the end of the day I don't find these sorts of backs and forth worth my time. I just laugh and move on.


Yea you are correct on all of that. I do suspect he was just duped (thus why i call him a tool).. way I see it if you dont have the time to do the research, and you dont even bother to talk to the person accused enough to get the facts, you probably shouldnt be talking.

However if I look at his timeline all I see is an endless stream of him telling people to block this person or that server. If his "accuse first, do research later" mentality is any indication I can only imagine just how much harm he has done to the fediverse spreading lies and misinformation while encouraging people to block each other. How much needless name calling and fracturing has resulted because of this persons negligence? He is exactly the reason we need something like the UFOI, so no wonder he is so opposed to it.. HE is the type of bad actor we are trying to put in check, people who spread lies out of laziness and ignorance.

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