If your on linux and you dont already know this command, check it out:


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@freemo there is also tiny cli program, does basically the same output, forgot the name as usual :blobfacepalm:


For an specific location
curl -s<location> | awk 'NR==1, NR==17{print}'

@freemo You forgot the best part!


Supply it with an area for local conditions. In my case, I use an airport code.

Screenshot from MacOS.

@pwinn normally it should detect your location and do that for you.. but yea you can always explicitly specify the location :)

@freemo yes, but VPN users might need this, and I often check the weather where I have family and friends, not local. πŸ˜€


But we don’t get the pleasure of all those dozens of pop-up ads, forever load times, and hundreds of cookies dumped on our system… (sarcasm)

Thank you , Jeff, for the tip.


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