My CQC (Close Quarters Combat) AR-15 build is complete!

Features I added:

* 45 degree angled fore grip
* 45 degree angled backup iron sights
* Sig Sauer MSR red dot reflex sight
* Monstrum 3x flip-to-side magnifier

All in all I love the setup.

My main criticisms are really just two, one purely aesthetic, the other functional. Both of which reside with the Monstrum 3x.

1) The FDE color is off from the standard and looks bad

2) It has a very limited eye-box and thus can be hard to use and may cause issues in a high-stress situation.

Only reason I went with Monstrum here rather than the juliet3 that sig makes for it was because I couldnt find an FDE colored magnifier from Sig... But after seeing the eye box I think I will just order the black one and call it a day. That said if you want to save a little money and are ok with the eye-box the Monstrum is still looking good outside of that. The fact it has diopter adjustment is always nice.

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