Sometimes im just astonished by how out there some conspiracy theories are... like not landing on the moon, I guess i can get that cause we are so far removed from it and there isnt any good way to verify it personally... its all trust...

But flat earthers and stuff like that... i just cant get how someone can be that level of stupid...

Apparently it is a conspiracy theory (at least with one person) that nukes dont actually exist and were never used. I mean... i could build you a geiger counter from scratch, i could literally prove nuclear fission with very little parts... how can this stuff even be doubted?

@freemo I'll just be over here getting my daily dose of antimatter eating a banana. πŸ˜‰

@freemo We elected not to have children due to my wife's health at the time, but I do have daydreams of tormenting my progeny with nuclear bananas and horrible dad jokes. I take it out on my wife instead.


@Romaq I dont want children but I feel my dad jokes require me to have some one day.

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@freemo @Romaq It’s definitely a job requirement, I’ve been working on those in advance

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