Redoing this poll due to a suggestion by @kilroy_was_here ...

What name do you like best for a non-profit community for Ham Radio? Think Apache incubator but for Ham plus other open-source services and resources for the community.

FYI I have both the dot com and dot org as well as the hyphenated and non hyphenated versions of the below. Please mention which variant you prefer in comments.

@freemo @kilroy_was_here I would've dropped the "amateur" part from "Free & Libre Engineers for Amateur Radio".

EFLR - Engineers for Free & Libre Radio

@diresock @kilroy_was_here

Any particular reason? Do you think a non pronouncable acronym works better?

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@freemo @kilroy_was_here Makes it sound a bit more professional IMO, but mostly dropping the "amateur" part, since that is inherently limiting, and sets the organization up to not being taken seriously, "literal amateurs so who cares?" is what I would think.

There's nothing "amateur" about people with great technical skill working on a passion project, I've seen some very impressive things in my own field built by hobbyists.
That's my take.

@diresock @freemo

Uhhhhhhhhh, don't know how to tell you this except by posting the Wikipedia article.

That is the specific thing that this thing would be focused on.

@kilroy_was_here @freemo Uhhhhhhhhh, don't know how to tell you this, calling something "amateur" does not instill confidence.

You can use the term "Ham Radio" instead.

Source: literally the first line in the link you provided.
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