LOL another bhlock due to an opinion expressed respectfully... man people have some issues if they cant even hold a conversation...

But yea apparently pointing out the terrorism of Israel is appalling **in addition** to the terrorism of the hamas is being a terrorist sympathizer now...

People just make up hyperbolic shit like it doesnt make them look like a fool... sorry it does.

Darnell Clayton :verified:  
@freemo Again with the false equivalence. I suggest we part ways, as I am not a fan of people who sympathize with terrorist groups, especially usin...
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Both groups have been going back and forth for what seems centuries. It’s one reason why it’s hard for the western world to negotiate with them. Not sure why this is surprising to people.

@freemo He's blocked me too before, awhile ago, on a different instance.

I agree with his position on this situation for once but he is quite an intolerant man. Disagreement = block

@Romaq But he did say which one.. the problem is he whispered a different answer in the other guys ear.

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