As many of you know by now I've been working on the project the past few days.

One thing I dont like however is right now it locks you into Vercel as your deployment. However our dependence on it is rather minimal as we use it only to cover the serverless functions needed as well as some simple routing.

My fear is many may not be able to afford vercel or may not like them as an option. Does anyone know of a cheaper more FLOSS/privavcy oriented option that makes it easy to deploy typescript/java based serverless functions?

If I can find a good alternative I'd love to adapt the project to support Vercel alternatives.


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@freemo@qoto.or When I saw hugo/activitypub integration I was intrigued but when I got to Vercel & Firebase dependencies I was put off. Maybe try to be independent of both?

I'm also confused by the "makes it easy to deploy typescript/java based serverless functions?" I see javascript/typescript in fedipage-site sources, no java.

For something new I want to run it locally first. Maybe if you asked for javascript serverless frameworks that can run in a container you might target one of those?

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