Random person: Hey bob told me you were a programmer?

::sensing someone about to ask me to code something for free::

Me: You mean pragrammer? Yea!

Them: A what?

Me: Me a pragrammer, Its short for Pragmatic Rammer. Its a group of farmers who get together to talk about pragmatic approaches to ram farming.

Them: But you live in the city

Me: Yea its more of side interest than a main thing. Anyway, why do you ask?

Them: Nevermind...

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@freemo They always ask me to fix their computer. I know enough about Windows 3.1 or MacOS7 to be useful, but nothing newer as I've been using FreeBSD or Linux since the mid 1990s.

@bluGill I usually help if someone needs it... but its the people saying they want to start a business with me and all they have is some idea they smoked up once with no work invested.

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