Its a lot of fun that I am starting a company from scratch and get to hire everyone and make all the rules... For example I am making sure that every single person I hire is comfortable with using linux and open-source tools, and writing documents in latex and markdown. Even management. It is pretty sweet!

@freemo The LaTeX requirement will definitely thin the herd! (I really like LaTeX right up until I need to collaborate with someone that doesn’t use it)

@Gbudd So the latext requirement is a bit looser than that.. its something like this:

“Must be expiernced in either markdown or latext and willing to learn latex and use it on a daily basis”

So we are ok if they just know markdown but if thats the case they still need to be eager learners.

And I agree most latex noobs are very unpleasant to work with. I myself am not a latext expert. I mostly know how to get around well enough for a little above a basic level. Most of the fancy stuff I’ve done has just been integrating stuff from online snippets or libraries.

@freemo @Gbudd I wonder what you want to use LaTeX for in your business. I would love to use it if someone could tell me how we can have multiple people edit and view the same document at the same time in the middle of a meeting.

@mjambon @freemo I don’t find it’s usable for that use case (though there’s probably someone who’s written something to do it), I really like that it works well with source control and that I can write code to programmatically generate pieces of the document. But yeah for real-time collaboration I’d probably use something else.



I gave a link to an online tool that does it well. I usually work on large teams at the same time in latex.


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