Liz Cheney: The U.S. Is 'Sleepwalking Into Dictatorship'

Trump has "told us what he will do," the Republican former congresswoman said

β€œPeople who say β€˜Well, if he’s elected, it’s not that dangerous because we have all of these checks and balances’ don’t fully understand the extent to which the Republicans in Congress today have been co-opted. … One of the things that we see happening today is a sort of a sleepwalking into dictatorship in the United States.”

@GW The Checks and Balances will go out the window with his DOJ and Civil Service cronies.

You are so right, The House is already in his pocket and SCOTUS goes wherever the money tells them to go.


Man no matter how many times I block this Reich dude his stupidity somehow keeps making it to my feed...

Not taxing someone, regardless of if you agree with it or not, is **not** the same as "billions in tax giveaways", just saying it in such an obviously incorrect way makes it really hard to take this guy seriously, its the norm for him too.


@freemo @GW So reducing taxes by billions on someone is not a "tax giveaway"??? Explain this to me like I'm 5.



Sure, its simple, you cant call something a "giveaway" when you are simply choosing not to take something of theirs.

If i am giving something away it implies it is mine to give, not that I could take soemthing that is yours and dont.


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To illustrate your point im going to go around to homeless people and aim a gun at them and go "Give me a million dollars, actually nevermind you can keep it as a giveaway" then go home... then we can all praise me for giving million dollar giveaways to the homeless.


@freemo @GW Wow, do you have THAT all wrong! How much tax does Bezos pay? or the Kochs? or any of a dozen billionaires who got a big tax cut from TFG.
Or are you calling all tax "theft"?


I never said or implied anything about tax being theft... Tax is where the government taxes money another person owns. It isnt theft, its how we build community collectively.

What does the amount of tax bezos or anyone pay have to do with what we are discussing? As I stated before its perfectly fine to think they should pay more taxes if thats your opinion. But when you call not taking something someone else earned as a "giveaway" you have lost all credibility in the discussion IMO. Even if its justified and fair to take that money, not taking it is still not a "give away"


@DrBonesMD @freemo @GW The tax Bezos pays is not having a space program and waking up to that every day.


Wrong, if you tried to tax billionairs to that extent youd quickly find the money disapears.. when you abusively tax the greatest wealth creators int he world you only stop wealth generation. So you quickly find you have no wealth to tax as you destroyed its generation through excessive taxation.

There is a proper levelof taxes, too low is unfair, too high is unfair. Taxes are already abusively unfair, our issue is we waste the vast amount of that money on military. Fix that first then we can discuss more taxes... makes no sense to give more taxes to an entity that already wastes virtually everything they get on murder.

@DrBonesMD @GW

@freemo @DrBonesMD @GW I don't believe in increased taxes on the wealthy. I believe that governments have created the problems and mostly exist for the benefit of the super wealthy.

Multinational Companies are the worst offenders and should be targeted. If they refuse to play ball, they should forfeit their copyrights in the US and any capital.

The correct strategy in Capitalism is to use taxes to keep monopolies from forming and keep corporations competing. One of the many problems in the dystopian present is a lack of opportunity. The government is not for the people and it allows for further predatory actions on its own people.

There's not a silver bullet for this other than destruction of the Representative Democracy and going for a Direct Democracy. China has a Representative based government too. In the modern world there's no room for such an unoptimized and inflexible government.

No taxation without representation? When representation is so far removed from the people it can be distorted or ignored. The people who control the most wealth also hijack our voice by abusing the same representative system or use of renamed bribes.

It's rather pointless to address the dysfunctional taxes without addressing the dysfunctional government and its flaws.

@freemo @DrBonesMD @GW You could always get them good gear and have a private militia. Start your own security contactor company and they would have jobs, money and belong to something greater.


Im all for handing out free guns to the homeless... not sure it will solve any problems but it will certainly piss off the liberals, and that alone is worth it :)

@DrBonesMD @GW

@freemo @DrBonesMD @GW It would solve police brutality against the homeless and remind people that firearms make everyone equal.

@freemo @DrBonesMD @GW Just as soon as I can get a drug habit that makes me useless for anything else.

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