I am truly amazed at the number of applicants I have seen off of this single post. And almost all are well suited candidates worth my time to review. I am astonished that a single post on the fedi is more effective than actually hiring a recruiter. Thank you everyone for the boosts and applications.

While many applicants have made it through and are currently being hired because we have so many positions we have quite a few still available for every level from sr to jr, and both data scientists and programmers. So please keep boosting, sharing, and applying if anyone is interested.

Just a reminder this is 100% remote, no fixed hours, will pay market rates for position. I will be your direct boss and hiring manager (also owner, founder, and inventor of the tech).


πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
I am still hiring for top-tier programmers and data scientist. Please reboost, share, recommend, or reply if you know anyone who might be intereste...
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@freemo Did an AI write this post... it sure feels scammy to me. Oh wait... Web 3.0 *IS* a crypto scam... next!

@PHolder Huh? What does Web 3.0 or crypto have to do with anything?

And no it was written by hand, by me, must now.

@freemo Google search says "The Semantic Web, sometimes known as Web 3.0" which, according to Forbes, is "Web 3.0. Think of it as the β€œread/write/own” upgrade to the internet.

Because it remains a collection of ideas more than anything else, it’s challenging to nail down a precise definition of Web 3.0. For cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts, Web 3.0 incorporates the technologies and concepts that are at the heart of crypto: decentralization, token-based economies and blockchain."

@PHolder What? how can someone call "Semantic Web" as "web 3.0" when it literally existed, was defined, and in active use LONG before "web 2.0" was even a term

@freemo Send me buckets of money and I'll research that for you 😈

@freemo btw your profile says you think Biden is racist and senile. curious why you think so

@synlogic He is an old friend of the family (has been over to eat dinner with my mom and dad multiple times). So i am admitidly bias in the sense that I have some sense of him that others may not from the media.

That said I do feel his racism is transparent even if one reviews his public record. 1) he started his career and spent most of the initial part of his career fighting to keep segregation alive. He specifically stated the reason was because he didnt want his white child going to school with other minorities in what he deemed (his words) a "racial jungle". So its clearly established he has deeply racist roots that defined much of the start of his career.

Later it becomes more subtle. Afterall Biden like any smart politician will do what he needs to remain in power. So once racism started to become something that hurt him he moved from oppression to exploitation. Now he exploits minorities by giving them oppertunities (for example in cabinet roles) that are still subservient to him, but such candidates would be a fool to decline for career purposes. In effect taking the "im not racist i have black friends" approach to racism by exploiting them to make himself look good.

It is obvious all the smae underlying racism remains, however, based on how he speaks. For example the famous line he made just a year or two ago "If you dont vote for me, you ain't black" when asked about black voters who dont like him. This is revealing for two reasons 1) he thinks he knows better for blacks what is good for them than they even know themselves, and disagreeing with him, a white person, on whats best for a black person would mean you loose your black card (whatever the hell that means). and 2) his use of broken english "ain't" a word he never normally uses shows that he relates black people to being uneducated and he felt that by expressing himself in broken english he would appeal more to black people, clearly showing his racist way of thinking.

#Fediverse #Jobs #Hiring #Job #Jobs #Fedihire 

@freemo I want to claim helping here in a small way and doing a little dance :mastodance: :)

But most of all happy it's happening - actual jobs for those on the (perhaps add that hashtag too)

Good you added more specific hashtags... Yay Fediverse!! :fediverse:

ℹ️ I'll try dig up my 'job' related posts now for Fediverse and repost them now as this was 'my dream' and you made it happen!

Also maybe the "Mastodon Money" posts too to get payments to each other, not just through banks :) πŸ’Έ πŸ’°

Nice 1.

#Fediverse #Jobs #Hiring #Job #Jobs #Fedihire 

@freeschool Thanks for the help!

@freemo don't forget to hire an actual infrastructure person who understands networks and security.

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