is back after a long migration in the first stage of our upgrade. Now that we are on a new home we will give it 24 horus to see if the move was bug free (As it seems to be) and then we will start upgrading versions one at a time day by day.. The upgrades are prepared and ready and should be **much** quicker.

The move took a while as we keep a backlog of every message to the start of the fediverse so our media and DB stores are quite large and it took a long time. But we are back!!!

@freemo πŸ‘ Great job, but… a black screen instead of the main interface. I checked in three browsers, even Tor, and it’s the same. The settings page works, though.

@johan @freemo I had blank screen too about a day ago... but now showing as before... and testing it out...

❓ Tried to upload a small audio just now and it got stuck at 100% (or near) and didn't allow toot as still waiting for upload... so testing that out today and trying this post also as a test :)

@freeschool @freemo
> I had blank screen too about a day ago... but now showing as before

Yes, the server has been rolled back to version 3.2.1.



Yup, things are fixed more or less just restoring. We will be doing theupdates in a beta environment first moving forward. The update got triggered accidentally in production which set us back a bit.


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