@hesgen looks fine here. For more info, your instance was down for update preparations I think...

CC: @freemo


Yes we were migrating to a new infrastructure to make the update process smoother and more frequent without downtime and to allow for better scaling.


@freemo @hesgen while you're here. I do have to ask if you're planning on updating to latest soon or if you've manually patched out the security vulnerabilities in a custom update because your current version number doesn't look safe from the outside looking in.

I thought I'd ask because I do know you customize things a bit over there so I realize you may have written out the vulnerability yourself.



Our version number has no relationship to mastodon, we are a fork of mastodon, we maintain our version number independently from them and it in no way gives any indication of security.

We have generally in the past been ahead of mastodon (often by years) on both security and features


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