what's the deal with dpads? It's like you wanted to make a crispy 8 directional joystick, but decided in advance that you are going to fail...


gotta admit I'm not sure the context but for playing some games (super mario kart for example or platformers) it's ergonomically or physically painful and less responsive to use a stick or similar. Directional-pads therefore make a lot of sense (and make less noise at night while parents sleeping next door!)
Thanks @namark

- dpads need less space for storage
- stick yeah for good for beat em ups perfect (if good quality like arcade
- sticks if could have been made unscrewable but that seems to ask a lot too.
Hadouken! ...Oh my stick broke!

@freeschool I'm looking at this ps4 style controller that has the analog sticks and triggers for yer racing games or even platforms these days. Regardless of that though dpad still makes no sense to me, cause just 4 separate buttons are easier to work with than... 4 buttons that are stuck together for some reason... like it never feels like a proper joystick, you just need to press 4 button combos and it being one piece just makes things harder... make it flat and clicky mechanical thing that I can push in 8 directions with a distinct feedback, or make it 4 separate buttons and quit pretending :v

@freeschool I guess it's called an 8 directional dpad, what I want... cause no 4 directional one has ever felt good to me for anything

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