BANKS CHEATING US ALL (WAR)... Boost so others can see why not banks!... 


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" It is my opinion that you do not understand the concept of banking.

Bank Santander, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, they're all broke.

Banks are broke because we have a system called fractional reserve banking.

Which means that banks can loan money that they don't actually have.

And yet Governments and Central Banks do it all the time.

It's theft from the taxpayer! "

- Godfrey Bloom MEP UKIP

Basically banks are stealing from us and we need to act on it, slowly but surely...

BANKS CHEATING US ALL (WAR)... Boost so others can see why not banks!... 

@freeschool I take it the concept of a promise is absolutely alien and incomprehensible to this Godfrey bloke. I guess when he lends someone money, he needs to absolutely make sure said person never spends a penny of it, cause that will open up the dreadful possibility of them not being able to ever return it. Meanwhile the rest of the world trucks along, new businesses emerge, and whole countries come out of poverty on nothing but promises.

"oh nooo, but when the economy collapses and world war 3 begins, I will not be able to get my fiat currency back from these damned banks! But, you know, otherwise ownership is a fundamental law of physics that cannot be broken."

BANKS CHEATING US ALL (WAR)... Boost so others can see why not banks!... 

Could you say those 2 paragraphs in different words just to make sure I get it right?

BANKS CHEATING US ALL (WAR)... Boost so others can see why not banks!... 

@freeschool The bank promises to give you the money you need when you will need it, just like anyone else can promise anything else. If they can deliver on their promises it doesn't matter how they handle it, just like when your friend promises to return a loan, or when you promise to loan them some when they start their new business, neither of you need to have it all on you at all times. When shit hits the fan, anyone, not just banks, might not be able to deliver on their promises. That is how promises work, and everyone understands that, except Godfrey.



Yes it is promise... of what they don't have.
This is the cheating part mainly we can focus on.
Actually that first line might be enough to think about.

If someone would offer this kind of system personally to you or family, you might think about it as a scam.
Now, today as a more legitimate way of money 'making' it's perhaps not much more than that simply because it's not making, it's taking (future deposits / future loans *created* again by banks).

This power of creation is the corruption and leads to many sub-games.

It's just a legalised version of what a man actually did also in real life and was jailed for it back in 1920s promising 50% back to people and worked for year (would have been more if people didn't 'work it out' after 1 year LOL).
So imagine these high rollers, banks and corporations... Is all a fair game?

Mr. Ponzi was called a con artist and swindler, operating a financial bank of his own which was ok and not a problem for a while, also with promises, where he and many he employed he got rich (mini-banks operating further and further) and made those others rich very quickly but then also got quickly jailed / hit doww when they realised what he was doing...

After setting up a company... "Even though Ponzi's company was bringing in fantastic sums of money each day, the simplest financial analysis would have shown that the operation was running at a large loss. As long as money kept flowing in, existing investors could be paid with the new money. This was the only method Ponzi had to continue providing returns to existing investors, as he made no effort to generate legitimate profits."

It's called a Ponzi scheme after his promises which we proved not to work unless short-sighted people kept giving him / loaning them their money thinking it's possible to 'make' more money back - it was really just taking other people's money and a loss-making flow which in the end people didn't get back because guess what..... :).

The world perhaps realised a lot about this system since then and decided to make a more legalised version (it may have existed before but in last 50 years much more (that's like your dad / granddad's era of change so not long ago) so it's been boosting loans to make people 'rich' from the making the system overall 'poor' and getting poorer/raped thinking "this is normal isn't it mum?"
Noo... world is poor until people can work together without this mentality of 'more'.

So when life is built on top of debt it might seem ok and normal (even great for a while) but after a while that honeymoon relationship comes to a quick SHARP end or war (civil / political etc) especially when people don't have any land left to sell while mechanisms devalue money slowly over time.

Parents 1 or 2 generations back would never had considered a loan and would take a sharp intake of breath if anyone would suggest that top them "How about taking a loan?" "No way I'm not stupid."
Debt wasn't accepted at all as they knew it didn't work long term (unless it's some other kind of modern game) and the normalised versions are perhaps more force or debt-only ways being born into it and having less choice- student loans etc...

If you have more promises than anything then you still don't have much but promises. And once you collapse things and do the math you see the Banks have not much collateral itself and just virtual fractions as their own 'reserve'.
Their main hope is borrowing from other banks just to pay you and I believe they are now in a vicious circle of only paying the debt by taking moer debt out to each other per year!
This is only to continue the ILLUSION that it has money it promises people when it clearly doesn't. Moving chairs after not enough of from the start clearly doesn't work... or even just printing it from almost nowhere while you ask others to promise to pay you % on top for that 'service' also as you are somewhere else...

In short just to wrap it a bit (with neutral tone)

Promises of promises of promises = bankruptcy / banks do not have money
...already happened in the financial crisis of 2008

and still happening in many ways probably as governments and bank don't want to lose their power over people and do more other ways to cover up the bad game underneath it all.

All doing it. Oppression through Banks. War through as many means as possible (not even just 1 way but connected to everything possible which is why this mentality needs to go to get rid of it... from everywhere!)

If this is not convincing then I question how far I would need to show the basic cheating / playing around with virtual numbers and %'s by those that say they have control over it... but anyway that's my casual attempt to give some indications of it if not total light that they are fucking around with us like subject under them willing to believe everything. Se even if I'm a bit wrong or some % out of accuracy this would still be massive disaster for all life as time + %'s passing makes any small damage, debt MASSIVE.

The illusion that things are working on the surface is also born inside from the ignorance of the people even bank employees.

Few questions I'd ask
- Is it ok if you don't know how it doesn't work and if you don't know the horrible truth? (before and during using a material)
- Is it ok if your parents didn't understand it and so you assumed from them?
- Do people track the changes of banking over time or just think it's the same?
- If it seems to keep you alive at the cost of the bankrupting the future is that ok for you personally...
- Or as a culture think it's healthy to expect future people to making future people pay more or fund today based on future speculation?

(Probably not, but most go along with it right? Ever had conversation with a parent... did it satisfy you they understand? Did it end up in argument? Is it pleasurable talking about money with people?... all telling signs or confusion.)

Anyway back to topic - increasingly people have less choice as thinkings like putting rents up put people gradually into high-price corners that slowly or sharply roll higher so nobody can be exactly blamed for turning the temperature up and if anyone complain it's just a case of getting new tenants if the existing don't like new rent price. New generation who haven't felt the burn of new prices are more likely to see it as ok or even cheaper than something else expensive!

It's also for you to have a look these question these systemic patterns... (called 'systems' for short) or re-read a bit why banks would say (all over the world) they have no money and why banks and whole government are going down / have gone down taking everybody with them when normally you would think it's the best 'no lose business system' out there and to be a bank is like God or Godly / unstoppable.. apart from that one big weakness of course O_<

I mean what could beat the bank? It's perhaps just a reflection on the people's ignorance since whatever right? Nobody cares if it's a simple delay to the original sins of the bank not having money or printing it too freely.
Parents simply 'get on with it' (don't study their paperwork or system) and indirectly confirm and say "it's ok" to kids by using it and hooking them on it too. "Let's get you a bank account also yeah?" (a slipper slope and allows bank even more power with your cash sitting there in their account. banks money is always theirs by the way and if government need they can conduct seizure of it which is happened in Greece, and happening in Turkey now where even gold and other things people ARE NOT storing in banks and are even willing to store it under the bed like in old times as all of it is in danger as history repeats itself)

Allowing more loans and more promises we soon realise what wasn't enough to start with and actually making things worse (it's connecting your debt and my debt to all our lives and all people going down/suffering more by %'s).

Historically people taking 'their' money has resulted in crash even if it's not all their money - this is another proof of concept it doesn't work - that this money doesn't exist and it's not right to work from that


Numerical poverty and real life degradation as a result selling of life cheaply (non-payable) means is simply prostituting it like pimps for empty promises which has been temporarily boosted slowly since maybe 1950's and increasingly no since less options exist to sell everything or 're-mortgage' it (life itself).
In less than 100years all this so still a temporary thing and just another 'business' than comes into phase and phases out when it's time is done (when people understand what is happening)... as that is business, open up shop and move on when the game is up (moving into pollution business, politics, automobiles, refinancing countries et)... all coming to a bit of a realisation for a lot of people, so over time things change BUT now we are realising another BIG 'ah' and how legal things got cheated again and took from us the people (again) like villagers that knew know better the business model/gangster pyramid we're in and how they tried to legitimise it by calling it business and making rules forcing people to take their money (again what is in your hands is not yours and can be taken any time from hand or bank account AND has been/is now!).
All bad game collapse back to original position (or worse).

If anyone else would do it it would do a lot of this it would called:
fraud, extortion, theft, arbitrage [many financial terms]

Making unhealthy business of people's real life using whatever 'business' tools it has has it's time of justice (moral AND mathematical justice).

We could have conversation about it I think via audio without pushing too hard (but ask any time yourself / make a time). I'll let it rest for bit.

If this text so far hasn't helped maybe an audio conversation would be best.
(Direct Message any time your willing via Jitsi Meet safe instant chat)

For example:
Any time after you message me / in future

It might help to understand your understanding too since that is my best 3 or 4 main points above and not much else I've heard to make me think it's not just another legal scam (I mean 'business' sorry) and bad deal by those in charge from people before them in charge all in a bad loop.

More technically than just saying scam it's:

"the business of extraction" for mostly financial or power gains
while having / being given exclusive power to do so but the tier above back up to government eventually from all business collecting on governments and banks behalf

Thanks for reading and accepting what you can of that.
Picture just as a bonus.

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