@biomedmax πŸ˜ƒ Can you explain it?

('surely' more of it and some more context would help it seem clearer to what it's all about, at least for the author!)

I'll add you could have made a few more pictures too to get it text least in focus A BIT! But perhaps this wouldn't have help the clarity πŸ‘“ hehe! πŸ‘€

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@freeschool Isn't it funnier without context? 🀣 This is a book about psychological trauma and it's relationship with dreams and mythology. At some point, the author starts talking about archetypal "twilight zones" and their examples in psychology and mythology (tricksters, the myth of Persephone and even the Rapunzel from the fairytale falls into that category; it's everything that exists between one state and another, between real and fake, between live and dead, between the underworld and the real world)... Well, this was another bizarre example of a "twilight zone" that author decided to give.

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