A misunderstanding is circulating that the GNU Project demands you run 100% free software, all the time. Anything less (90%?), and we will tell you to get lost—they say. Nothing could be further from the truth.

gnu.org/philosophy/saying-no-e #gnu #freesw #linux

You guys remember this gem from a decade or two ago?
QT: qoto.org/@digital_carver/10513

@theamazingweb https://html5zombo.com/ You can do anything at Zombo.com! Classic, brought back to life in HTML5. (Original zombo.com still ex...

@fruitywelsh Positive productive interaction, and an easy way to find other STEM professionals to interact with I suppose... I mean there is a lot to it, we could talk features, commnity, and so many other aspects.

I am enthusiast as just a general nerd.

My interests in general are:

(Though it's been a bit since I've made it out to the forge lol )

Ok. Slightly disappointed that #FallGuys doesn’t support local multiplayer. Would have loved a split screen option. #gaming

I am doing a 24 hour stream to help raise money for children's hospital on Nov 8! If you have indie games or recommendations in general on what I should play please send them my way. #charity #gaming extra-life.org/participant/436

abortion protests in Poland, plpol, fascism (-) 

Jarosław Kaczyński, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, and the leader of the Law and Justice party (usually considered center-right, but... judge for yourself) gave a speech yesterday, in which he referred to the protests going on in Poland after a high court ruling that made strict Polish anti-abortion laws even stricter.

I translated it to English:

Here is the context:

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