@dtnsshow yes, I'm back on mastodon and glad to see this feed is current

Melanie Lynsky is really great in Absolutely psychotic portrayal showing how the opposition to fascism can be just as bad

I'm enjoying watching the Peripheral but it's a show you probably need to watch at least twice to figure out what's going on.

My take away from watching Mr Robot is that it takes a lot of courage to face life's realities but it's worth doing so.

@SethPartnow Edwards looking like he's becoming more consistent and he has had to be with KAT out.

#JohnMastodon doesn’t drive a Tesla. He rides a scooter. He landed the first ever 900 on a scooter but it wasn’t caught on film so people say it never happened. Those of us who have met him know better.

I forgot how good David Carradine is in the Kill Bill movies. Just superb.

S2 ep 4 of White Lotus was so good! Lot of dramatic irony and really funny moments. Great acting, too.

I wish Berhalter would dress up more for these matches.

@shuttersparks This is a good shout and I hope an adjustment is made. Camelcase is better for sighted users as well when its the original intention.

@admitsWrongIfProven right on. It's common in the soccer world for matches to have hashtags with the first three letters of the home team then first three of away team. Sometimes a vs in the middle.

@admitsWrongIfProven Do you mean you weren't entertained by the match? It was France vs Denmark match in the world cup.

Today’s Far Side is on topic for this place! It’s like a rerun gift from Gary Larson to us all. thefarside.com

Two instances of pure class from ARG was the difference.

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