Educators know how to deliver instruction so the curriculum is transferred into students’ brains... yeah... actually we don't,

Curriculum comprises well-defined information and skills that represent necessary human knowledge. Yeah... actually it isn't

Our history is the source of our inertia when faced with innovation.

For a long time I thought I could not hear folks because of my hearing. Turns out hearing aids don’t help when people mumble.

The more confident the predictions, the less reliable the predictor.

We have plenty of data. Wisdom on what it means… that’s what is lacking.

Most of what you “know” about school is a myth.

“Data” in schools makes them transactional institutions. Learning… real learning that changes how you see the world… is not transactional.

IT needs to spend time in active classrooms… the patterns of IT use are likely to be unfamiliar.

I can always tell administrators who have never done the work they manage.

“It should serve you, not my ego.” Yeah… we don’t believe you.

Refusing to use a microphone demonstrates you disrespect your audience.

Experience thinking critically, creatively, and practically about complex problems and their potential solutions... let's do that in school

What if students actively access their learning and do not believe the test results?

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