Classrooms with seats in rows.

This elicits vastly different responses from teachers.

@garyackerman Hey I know a vocational high school that's got an issue. It's technology centric and all students have laptops. Most of their students are focused on only 1 subject, and all the other subjects slip. Positioning the students facing away from the teacher, so the teacher can see all screens to make sure they're focused is awkward for the teachers. Got any other ideas? 😂

@garyackerman I teach computing - we don't usually get a choice in how the room is arranged sadly #edutooter

@garyackerman in my classroom, i change the seating frequently. love the flexibility of pushing chairs and desks around to enable different types of interactions among kids.. electeic outlets however, become a problem with kids needing to charge computers …suggestions for coping are appreciated… #edutoots #EduToot

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