In many cases, I find, folks use “learning styles” when they are really talking about “varying modes of instruction.” In classrooms, we need to vary what we do, which is often contrary to one’s teaching style, and never needs to be explained by learning styles.


A person's ability to learn in a formalized academic environment, is partially(but not exclusively) indicative of their ability to adapt to real world scenarios that are not governed, moderated and established by board members.

That being said, any conflict or friction that arises within the duration of attempting to acclimate to such structured learning- does not specifically spell out impending doom for their future, but rather a precedent to how they may uniquely approach obstacles their peers may otherwise observe mutually alike.

Although it is felt that some sort of accommodation should be made for individuals in such of a outlier position, it is actually not necessary- inherently because of the nature of the disposition.

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