For the first 30 years of my career in education students, parents, principals, colleagues all remained the same over the years. There were good years and there were tough years, but within what one might call the normal limits, things did not change. In 2019, I left k-12 education, because everything had changed.

@garyackerman The game changes but you still have a chance - through others as the key.

Hard to be correct here because maybe you did try everything and now are retired / resigned to broadcasting your wisdom as a rounding off and look-back.

(You know yourself more than I)

But I think you can merge it all... and logically need to without overdoing it with external tools as trojan horse (as everything has become now and the person still sovereign)...

So in general, and in trying my best in saying nicely. you and others certainly need to change how you do things / get out of broadcast-only mode and tap into others to almost become them...

Time for others to let others take over the wheel eventually (hard I know but better than nothing certainly) and also not use commercial things yourself like Apple, Spotify for basic audio.
That's a winning formula.

Do things totally right while manually and organically grow into yOUR own thing AND let others do it without just a useful-only work basis.

We're probably growing back "humanity" itself here so that's why. So we better act like it.

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