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The fact that science has proven itself wrong is not evidence that pseudoscience is correct.

“Numbers do not guarantee truth.” -Stephen Jay Gould

Students often don’t find resume writing workshops valuable because they recognize there is too little for them to add. But advisers don’t let that stop them.

“The worldwide event happens at midnight.”
Um… can you be more specific?

Not to leaders: if you want to understand the article, you need to read more than the title.

We can hardly expect folks to follow conventional grammar rule as autocorrect “fixes” so many to be wrong. Sure we could edit it, but we are posting to social media during meetings, so who has time?

“I have an open door policy” is leader speak for “if you have a problem, I’ll be busy.”

“Students have the right to do anything.”
“Students must follow our rules without exception.”

Reality, and functional schools, lies between those extremes.

One thing I have learned over 35+ years in education is how to spot attempts to pull me into conflicts and how to avoid reacting when someone tries.

Some problems are mine alone. Others are solve with my team. Yet others, I assist in solving. But there are some that are not mine.

Differentiating them is essential to being a productive worker.

It’s one thing to find literature that supports your view, but you research doesn’t begin until you read that which does not support your view.

My vacation start Friday, bit we changed travel plans

Apparently it is "change everyone/s title to something that sounds more important" week.

In my experience, once educators understand students and how to put them at the center of teaching, they changes their practices in an irreversible way.

Meaningful feedback from some lessons can be automated, for other lessons it cannot. If you lessons don’t include both, you are missing the point.

The fact a large part of society has been convinced to abandon science with devastating effects is going to be what the early 21st century is known for.

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