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Schools reflect the society that creates them.

“Cool data. What is missing from it?”

This is usually met with a blank stare.

It’s always interesting to me that people, including many educators, don’t realize “4th grade math” (and choose your own grade & subject) isn’t really a thing.

There is a group of educators who quickly went from “we need to figure out how to use AI” to “let’s catch and punish those who use it.”

When done “at scale,” a standard curriculum must become information centric, and view students as recipients of that information. To do otherwise introduces too many variables to be manageable.

When technology is put in the hands of users, they identify weaknesses with the original plan, they find other things that can be done with the technology that are far from what was intended.

Surely, there are instances in which we know what learners need to know, we can define it, and both build technology-based solutions and measures the degree to which they were accomplished. But these are rarer than we admit.

Sure, you can express your opinions, but once outed as unreasonable and illogical, it’s OK for us to ignore you. Many of us who work in data and logic have an obligation to ignore you.

Ready-made solutions can be adapted, but rarely can the just be “plug-and-play.” At least not in education.

Real learning makes you able to see the world differently… and you can’t unsee it.

Teaching was changing long before COVID— and it ran many of us before the pandemic.

Yeah, it is cool when AI identifies the species in your pictures.

I’m amazed at the number of educators upload student work to AI checkers as if they can do what they want with students’ intellectual property.

How you ask a question matters. How you decide to answer it does too.

So many exciting announcements in science are never verified.

Maybe we start building curriculum around ideas folks actually need?

Ask yourself “Am I trying to catch my students cheating?”

Predictive text generates insightful posts! Here is proof: So you want better service? Or just don’t get jealous looking up a picture and telling people what they should be. 🤦‍♂️

Questions. If your students don’t ask any, change how you are teaching.

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