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Once we become familiar with new educational technologies, we can begin to use them to study unfamiliar problems, but not before.

Instructors should place materials online, but that is not sufficient for online teaching.

“AI: ‘I can predict your next move.’ Me: ‘Great! What’s my next tweet?’ AI: ‘404: Creativity not found.’”

What said AI can't write jokes?

Classrooms should be spaces and places in which students are challenged to reconsider their assumptions and biases, apply what they have are learning to their lives and to unfamiliar situations, and consider uncomfortable questions and topics.

Educators have a responsibility to listen to and follow the advice of the experts who are helping them create healthy and engaging classroom for all students.

If your education does not give students experience interacting with a diverse faculty, staff, and student body, you are wasting your time.

Yeah... actually, I do judge you by the company you keep.

If your online experience is primarily social media, you aren't "tech savvy."

Life started simple, then (some) varieties of it became more complex. It is hubris to think humans are the most complex or progress led to us. It was fortuitous that we were a product of evolution and can reflect on the path that led to us.

“Science literacy” comprises knowledge of nature, understanding of methods, ability to reason, humble skepticism of authority. It seems we could benefit from education that nurtures it rather than demonstrating standards.

“Scientific questions cannot be decided by majority vote in any case.”
― Stephen Jay Gould

“The dogmatist within is always worse than the enemy without.”
― Stephen Jay Gould

I've never understood educators' reluctance to recognize the importance of theory.

Continuous partial attention and encourage us to task switch which interfere with our capacity to be productive in the work place and successful in academic situations. We need to help students understand this, so they make their own decisions about phones. Yes, I know this on overly optimistic,

“It is clear that our interruptive technologies are only going to become more effective in drawing our attention away from important aspect of life…" Yup, pretty much.

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